Allie Parker

Allie Parker

Ring Names: Allie Parker, Kylee Sutton
Height: 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m)
Weight: 148 lb (67 kg)
Born: December 21
Birth Place: Las Vegas, Nevada

Allie Parker, also known as Kylee Sutton
 and Allie “Baby Doll” Parks, is an American female pro wrestler.

She debuted in October of 2012 for Adrenaline Unleashed Pro Wrestling, defeating Alexa Deluca using a Northern Lights Suplex pin.

On the July 13 edition of AUPW, Allie faced and defeated the “Bloodthirsty Vixen” Mariah Moreno. During her time at AUPW she went up against many tough competitors such as; Lacey Ryan, whom Parker defeated and Mary Elizabeth Monroe who took the win against her. 

In May 2015, Allie decided to leave pro wrestling after giving a kidney to her brother, but ended up returning the following year.

That is quite the amazing gesture! 

Allie seemingly has a big heart and a big love of Wrestling.

She went on to compete in several matches throughout 2017- 2019, but has not stopped yet as she also appeared in Big Time Wrestling, Vendetta Pro Wrestling (VPW), and Fighting Spirit Pro as well as appearing on MAV TV’s Championship Wrestling from Hollywood, as sister, Kylee Sutton, in The Sutton Family. 

Allie has been trained in Jiu Jitsu, and Boxing and has also worked with the LFC (Lingerie Fighting Championships) on their Reality TV show, and live shows. 

This is a real fighting female! 

Unafraid, like so many of the women in this world when it comes to stepping outside of the box. 

These are the types of women that fans should continue to seek to support.  

On her instagram @theallieparker she refers to herself as “The most GIRL NEXT DOOR broad you’ll ever meet.”  And, this statement seems to reflect Allie’s attitude and intelligence. 

You rarely hear a bad word about Allie, so this must be her reputation as well. 

She seems to be a very down to earth woman who loves her craft.  

Allie has appeared before on nefemalewrestling

We think Allie could absolutely handle herself well on our wrestling mats here at the Female Wrestling Channel if any fans ever want to invite her to try a matchup with us. 

She has expressed interest before, but we just need to get in contact with her and get it done!   

What do you think? 

Would you like to see her on the mats here?   

If so, send us a quick note through our CONTACT FORM 

On that note…..

The bodyscissors submission is one of the primary moves in our REAL wrestling action and it’s a move that Allie is most likely very good at.

You can see more of Allie Parker where she appeared in a series of videos for ULTIMATE WOMEN’S WRESTLING.

Check them out below!

Allie Parker 1

Buy Videos of Allie Parker Wrestling Below!

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