Amethyst Hammerfist

Sara Lips Wrestling

Height:  5’4 – 163 cm
Weight: 130 lbs – 59 kg

Amethyst Hammerfist began mixed wrestling in 2015 and within a short period of time she had caused quite the stir!

With her feisty, animalistic wrestling style, combined with her provocative social media postings, she was quickly a new favorite amongst many in the London area and the mixed wrestling session scene. 

Amethyst is said to put her ALL into every session!

This is a powerful woman who is not afraid to speak her mind (and her heart) as her honesty and charisma is absolutely infectious.

These are the types of women who SHOULD pursue Women’s Wrestling and Mixed Wrestling in our view with everything they got.

In an interview for Session Girls you can tell she does not hold back.

Before getting into the world of wrestling Amethyst was CATFIGHTING at age 18. 

Not many females are willing to catfight on camera and get paid for it as such a young age or ANY age.  Despite this, it was clear that Amethyst Hammerfist was looking for SOMETHING to ground her in this world:

“I’ve always been an incredibly emotional person…was really wild in my 20s uhm and I needed something to like ground me and calm me and I think the wrestling did that” said Amethyst.

Does the above from Amethyst Hammerfist sound sweet?

Don’t let it fool you.

She labels herself “The Cruel Girlfriend” and there are a lot of men who would love to find out why.

She has certainly come into her own as a female wrestler doing (reportedly) many sessions per week.

Within the first year of her mixed wrestling career she travelled to Berlin, Prague and other places working with Fight Pulse, Anna Konda, and Veve Lane. Amethyst Hammerfist is known for winning scissor circles, especially with her extreme deadly reverse headscissors.

She continues to travel and participate in events and filming with producers across the world.

In her personal life, Amethyst gained a First Class Honours degree from one of London’s top media universities, yet despite this, she chose to work as a mixed wrestler.

“This job was made for me, it changed my life and saved my life”, she added “I get to let out all my aggression in a safe space… If a few days pass where I have not wrestled I start to get quite a bad temper and quite depressed, once I get on the mats for an hour, everything resets, I am happy and chilled out again. Sometimes after a session I feel euphoric.’’ 

One of her most popular fights was against Sahara Knight at Monicas Wreslting Centre event, a highly competitive and aggressive match that people couldn’t tear their eyes away from.

Does Amethyst Hammerfist prefer MIXED WRESTLING or FEMALE WRESTLING?

She said she prefers Mixed Wrestling as opposed to Female Wrestling when given the option!

Here are some places you can learn more about her:


Headscissor - Amethyst Hammerfist - Mixed Wrestling

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