THE RINGO LETTERS – #18 – The Amazing World of Cryptocurrency and How Fans, Models, and Women Wrestling Producers Can Benefit

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THE RINGO LETTERS - #18 - The Amazing World of Cryptocurrency and How Fans, Models, and Women Wrestling Producers Can Benefit 1

NOTE:  As I am not a licensed financial advisor, nothing here should constitute financial advice without you doing your own research on anything stated here. There are risks inherit with anything that has to do with money. Be advised of all risks and be sure to do your research prior.   

For the last 6 months or so I’ve been slowly learning about Crypto Currency.

Women Wrestling Producers, Female Wrestlers, and Fans have faced extremely interesting challenges due to many of the draconian rules that surround our industry over the last decade and possibly longer.


  • Women Wrestlers and Women Wrestling Producers have faced the anguish of having financial accounts shut down or frozen by various companies for being “too adult”.
  • Women Wrestlers and Women Wrestling Producers pay very high fees per video sold through clip sites.  As much as 40 percent.  Some use this as a supplement to their own website like us and some ladies and producers depend on the Clip sites solely for video revenue.  Many wrestling producers with nude or more adult like content than we have at the Female Wrestling Channel get charged as much as 14-15 percent PER transaction.

The fees levied on the ladies and gents in this industry are absolutely enormous as you can see.

Let’s discuss the challenges of each group above.


When talking about Female Wrestling Channel our fans are spread out all over the world.

There are some months when 60 percent of our business (and more) comes from overseas.

I’ve had numerous complaints from fans in certain countries where Paypal is banned (as one example) and therefore they cannot pay through our website or through invoice.

We offer Amazon Pay and Apple Pay on our website, but there are some fans who cannot use those services either.

But, that’s not the only challenge from a fan standpoint.

Many of our fans are gentlemen who tend to be married or with another woman.

Often times, they don’t want the woman knowing what they are doing.

They figure it’s personal business and it’s nobody’s business but their own.

They also (in most cases) do not want friends, family, or co-workers nosing around in their business either.

What to do?

  • Fans who cannot or do not want to pay through Paypal, Amazon Pay, or Apple Pay can choose to convert to crypto and THEN pay.
  • Fans who do not want wives and girlfriends looking at their bank account can open a one or more crypto exchanges absolutely free. You can store money there, absolutely free.  Most wives and girlfriends are not going to be interested into logging into these exchanges, unlike them logging into your bank account, which may be a joint bank statement.  Our male fans can simply tell their wives or girlfriends they are getting into crypto and speculating on it and leave it at that.  (And, you might consider it!   More on that below) – This way, when you transact with the Female Wrestling Channel it will never show up on your bank account or credit card statement EVER AGAIN.

You can quickly and easily convert YOUR OWN CURRENCY into one of the following coins that we accept on our website:

  • Bitcoin
  • Bitcoin Cash
  • Ethereum
  • Litecoin
  • Dai (stable coin)
  • USD Coin (stable coin – stays “1 to 1” with US Dollar – attempts to not fluctuate)


If you own a coin that is not on the short list above, NO PROBLEM.

I can easily provide you a payment address for ANY coin you want to send to pay for products or services at the Female Wrestling Channel.

And, by doing so that way rather than checking out through our website, you will NEVER have to reveal your financial information ever again on our website as you will no longer have to input a credit card number or your information that our payment providers require us to ask you.


The vast majority (and rare) ladies who engage in the Women’s Wrestling industry do so for one PRIMARY reason.

To get paid.

And, don’t damn them for it!

Women’s Wrestling is physically and mentally tough.  And, you have to deal with guys from all over the world hitting on you all day long instead of doing business.

But, at even bigger challenge than that sometimes is…..again…..GETTING PAID.

For ladies who cannot use Paypal (or don’t have Paypal) they often accept Cash or use apps like Cash App to collect money.

They often have to wait days to send money to a bank account or they have to wait for a check once a month from their Clips provider who sells their videos.

With Crypto Currency, these ladies can get paid INSTANTLY or within a few hours in most cases once their transaction clears.  At most, it generally doesn’t take more than 24 hours to transfer crypto.

If you transfer a coin with a lot of volume like a Bitcoin it will often clear within a minute or so.

The fun part about receiving cryptocurrency is once you receive it you have two options:

  • sell it and convert it to your currency of choice
  • hold it and hope the price goes up so you can sell at a higher price later and MAKE MORE MONEY.

Why is this important?

For ladies who travel to Canada, or travel to Europe, they can instantly convert their currency ON THE SPOT or convert when the price goes up to lock in even greater financial gains if it makes sense to do so.

The primary thing is ladies in this industry can have multiple exchanges where they can hold their money for free.

They can let this money go up or down according to the market or convert it to dollars at anytime and send it to a bank account or Paypal.


Some women wrestlers are producers, so this part will apply to them as well.

Consider the following:

  • Clips 4 Sale you get charged a flat 40 percent fee per video.  Totally ok if this is not your ONLY source of income through videos.
  • If you use a service like CC Bill you are probably paying rates somewhere in the 12-15 range depending on how much volume you do through them.
  • If you use a service like Paypal you get charged 2.9 percent per transaction and .30 cents automatically as well.

It’s important to understand you can DEPOSIT cash into a crypto wallet, but you generally can’t send cash wallet to wallet.

You can either convert your cash to a cryptocurrency of your choice OR you can convert it into what’s called a “stable coin” if you are worried about the price fluctuating up and down before or after you purchase the coin.

These “stable coins” stay 1 to 1 with the US dollar at all times.

You will notice one of our checkout options is a coin called “USD Coin” and you can purchase that and know it’s going to largely stay in line with the dollar on most days.


The fee to send crypto to crypto in the short video above is only .53 CENTS!

Compare that to the rates from Paypal, CC Bill, and Clips 4 Sale above.

If you want even cheaper rates as a producer accept a coin like TRX at the time of this writing.

Completely MASSIVE difference per transaction.

As a producer, when I had someone check out on a $4.97 video for the first time with a BItcoin, I was amazed when I logged in and saw the price was actually higher than when he sent it to me.

It was $4.97 when he sent it to me and $5.02 when I converted it to US Dollars.



You are going to incur a fee when you immediately or eventually decide to convert your crypto back to dollars.   On Coinbase this charge can be between $2-$4 at the time of this writing.

You might be able to get better rates elsewhere.

Feel free to search around.


Do banks still charge you to hold YOUR money?

Good grief.

Not all do, but here are some places that do not charge you to hold money on their platform and (unlike banks) you can speculate on crypto, options, currencies, and other more depending on what platform or platforms you choose.

First off, I highly recommend doing business on DECENTRALIZED, trusted exchanges for the time being.  You will need centralized accounts however to turn your crypto into your currency at this time however.

Some Decentralized Wallets and Exchanges I use currently are:

TRX is easily my favorite cryptocurrency to receive for the low fees and fast transfer times if you ever want to send me a crypto of preferred choice!

Most of you will need a centralized exchange however.

I have some listed below that I personally use.

You will receive an incentive you otherwise would not have received by using my links below rather than signing up directly through the platform.

COINBASE – We will both get $10 of FREE Bitcoin once you buy or sell your first $100 of Crypto.

Coinbase Logo


One very nice thing is you can transfer your money out of Coinbase INSTANTLY to Paypal if you have it connected:


Please Note:

When you deposit US Dollars into Coinbase directly it puts a 7 day hold on transferring the funds out of the platform. However, I believe if you do the Wire Transfer method you will have the funds same day or one business day at most to use on the platform for trading or storage.


Be certain to click the “Earn Rewards” link and click around in each crypto being offered.

You must do this to see a message pop up that says you are on the wait list.  I’m not sure how long it takes once you are on the wait list, but my guess is that you will get an email within less than a month when you can earn free crypto.  At the time of this artcle you can make over $100 in free crypto simply by taking very short 2 minute lessons (on average) and learning about each different company offering you the free crypto.

Educational and worth your time financially hopefully!

BINANCE – Get some of the absolute best rates possible when trading Crypto!

THE RINGO LETTERS - #18 - The Amazing World of Cryptocurrency and How Fans, Models, and Women Wrestling Producers Can Benefit 2

Binance just kills these other guys when it comes to the amount they charge on the “spread” which is the profit they insert each time before you can get a crypto at market price.

Consider that EToro’s LOWEST fee is 0.75 when trading Bitcoin.

That means if you purchase at $10,000 and you are looking to flip that Bitcoin, you have a $75 spread to defeat first.

With Binance, the highest fees are something like 0.1.

If you stake money in their very own BNB coin you can earn discounts of 25 percent and up on that charge.

Consider that if you flipped Bitcoin with EToro you would pay $75 on $10,000 and with Coinbase Pro you are looking at $100 on $10,000.

With Binance you are looking about about $10 per $10,000 purchase and you can get even better rates than that if you put more money in with them.

The verification process is a bit tough and I recommend you do it on a cell phone instead of a laptop when you get to the license and face verification part.

KUCOIN – Save big on your yearly trading fees signing up with THIS LINK vs signing up alone

Kucoin Logo

Kucoin is BY FAR my favorite centralized exchange for a wide variety of reasons at the time of this writing.  Sign up to find out why!

GEMINI – We will both get $10 in Bitcoin if you use this link and buy $100 in Crypto on the Platform

THE RINGO LETTERS - #18 - The Amazing World of Cryptocurrency and How Fans, Models, and Women Wrestling Producers Can Benefit 3

Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss own Gemini.

They are the twin brothers who were early investors in Facebook and were featured in the movie.

The Winklevoss twins believe the price of Gold and Silver is going to tank because Elon Musk has a patent to go mine a huge space rock that supposedly has more than we would ever need.

Very interesting perspective and these two are yet another potential big player in this space.

Keep in mind there are MANY exchanges out there.

The ones above are just some of the biggest exchanges and provide you and me and incentive if we use the links above rather than signing up straight out.

I may add more exchanges to this page over time if there are good ones I want you to know about.

And, by all means, please do your own research!


There is a lot of innovation going on in the crypto industry.

Below I will list some companies that I feel are high quality that can potentially help you personally.


Brave Browser Logo

Goodbye creepy Chrome, and Firefox, and Edge.

One of the companies I follow and support is a company called Brave.

Little do you most people know, but giant companies are building profiles on every single one of us.

Our likes, habits, dislikes, on and on.

This is achieved primarily by little trackers that follow you around the internet.  Brave is a web browser that can replace your Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or Google Chrome browser.   It’s very fast because it blocks trackers and ads.  Heck, it will even block the trackers on the Female Wrestling Channel website here.   I don’t use these trackers to build profiles on you, I just like to know how much traffic is coming to my website each day and if my advertising is working.

Because these trackers are now blocked, your internet experience will be MUCH faster.

And, even better, Brave has their very own cryptocurrency.

It’s called “Basic Attention Coin” and you can make FREE money every single month by clicking on ads that pop up as notifications in your browser.   On your laptop, you don’t even have to click the ad.  As long as you click out acknowledging you saw the advertisement headline, you still get paid exactly the same.

I highly recommend giving Brave a try.

It’s completely free and you can transfer your BAT each month into your favorite local currency with a couple of clicks.



I made a video to tell you more about Brave and how to use it:


  • Make sure to go into your settings and activate Brave Rewards or you won’t receive ads or money for viewing them
  • Turn auto-contribute OFF.  (unless you want to auto-contribute to the Female Wrestling Channel through Brave)
  • Use the link above and start up a Gemini account so both of us get $10 in Bitcoin.  This will be the holding account for your BRAVE funds.   Look for the option in the settings to link Gemini to your Brave account AFTER you have signed up with a Gemini account at the link above
  • If you download the Brave browser on your phone and laptop/desktop go into the settings and look for the “sync” feature so that you can earn your BAT all on one account no matter if you are using Brave on your phone or on a desktop.


THE RINGO LETTERS - #18 - The Amazing World of Cryptocurrency and How Fans, Models, and Women Wrestling Producers Can Benefit 4

Another company that is blazing an interesting path forward is a company called PRESEARCH.

Unlike Google, or Duck Duck Go, you get PAID every single time you search on the platform.

They pay you in their cryptocurrency called PRE which you can sell on various exchanges.

If you want to try to rank for certain keywords, you can stake your PRE as the highest bid to show up first.

If you end up downloading the BRAVE BROWSER above you will want to download the browser extension for PRE and make it your default search engine.

This way, you get double paid.

You get paid by Brave and you get paid when you type in search queries.

Pretty damn awesome if you ask me!

LBRY – for Videos

THE RINGO LETTERS - #18 - The Amazing World of Cryptocurrency and How Fans, Models, and Women Wrestling Producers Can Benefit 5

Ok, so now you are earning free BAT to watch ads every now and then on your fast Brave Browser.

You are getting paid when you search for things now through PRESEARCH.

How about you getting paid to watch videos as well?

On a service where the videos are most likely NOT going to be taken down.


For years, we used to get thousands of views on places like Youtube.  But, our accounts eventually always got shut down.  We paid Vimeo to do business with them and things were good for about a year or so, when they shut us down out of the blue as well.

This has been a frustrating reality for women wrestling producers and models.

Enter LBRY.

You get paid in their crypto coin LBC for all types of things.

Referring friends, watching videos, uploading videos, and more.

You can then take this LBC and use it to get more views for your videos or you can transfer it to one of the crypto wallets mentioned above and convert it to your local currency.

LBRY uses blockchain technology on the videos.

One big limitation currently is they cannot allow for unlisted/private videos due to blockchain complications and restrictions.

Otherwise, we would switch our entire library to LBRY in an instant.

(We are going to use LBRY for our preview videos and for Free Download Friday from now on, however)

But for those of you who would like to be paid to upload videos, watch videos, or be paid to watch Female Wrestling Channel videos, why not sign up for free?


In my opinion.

If you are looking to make money by buying crypto low and then selling it high and then doing it again and again and again……….

The market tends to move to fast.

You can put in a buy offer and you can put in a sell offer.

However, if you use artificial intelligence ROBOTS to actually follow the market up and down for you, it’s quite possible you will greatly increase your returns and minimize your losses.

3 Commas – AI Trading Robots

THE RINGO LETTERS - #18 - The Amazing World of Cryptocurrency and How Fans, Models, and Women Wrestling Producers Can Benefit 6

This is potentially one of the neatest companies I have ever come across.

You can set up your own AI Bots to trade for you automatically while you sleep OR you can use the Smart Trade feature and get way more functionality than you would get by simply trading on one of the exchanges listed above ALONE.

I highly recommend that you hook Coinbase above into 3 Commas so you can use Coinbase through 3 Commas.

You can use many other exchanges as well that you can hook into it.  


On Coinbase Pro, you can set the price you want to buy a crypto at and the price you want to sell it at.

Fine and dandy.

But, it’s risky.

You see, the market is moving up and down all the time.  It’s very hard to guess (even looking at charts) where a particular crypto is going to drop (or rise) from a price standpoint.

This is where the technology behind 3 Commas comes into play.

You can set the robots to actually pull your offer OUT if the market seems to be crashing downwards.  This way you don’t get stuck at a higher price.  Or, if you are trying to sell your crypto, and the AI detects the market is bursting upwards, it will pull your offer out and follow the market up to attempt to make you more money.

I truly do not recommend trading in ANY other way as it’s far too dangerous once you have these AI tools at your daily disposal.

You can set up a Paper Account at 3 Commas so you can test trading without using your real money.

Learn how the bots work, copy other traders, and see how you would do if you were using real money.   If you start gaining more than you lose, maybe you will consider putting some real money in and seeing if you can start having the robots make you a daily income…………WHILE YOU WORK AND SLEEP.

If you start your account with the following link, 3 Commas will give you 10 percent off your first subscription if you decide to use the service after the 7 day free trial.


Also, if you are wanting to hook your Coinbase that you signed up with above into your 3 Commas account, here is a short article on how to do so.

In Conclusion

Is cryptocurrency the future of money?

I truly have no idea.

The truth is that governments want their own central currencies that are completely digital.  It will most likely take BLOOD IN THE STREETS to get them to give up the financial power of the world.

Whether or not crypto should be a CURRENCY will be hotly tested and debated in the coming years.

It is a TRADABLE ASSET for certain.

And, more importantly, the blockchain technology that crypto is employing can truly change the world for BETTER and WORSE as blockchain creates an immutable, unalterable record of the things you do.

What I do know is that if it’s legal in your country right now to do so, you can not only accept cryptocurrency, but you can convert it instantly to your own currency.  Or, you can hold it.  Or, you can sell it.


Personally, I like it a lot.

For years now, many producers in the female industry have been shut down by credit card providers or financial wallets because the providers decided they didn’t like the video content or pictures.

Models have had accounts shut down.

The damage this has caused has been felt by many.

Fans are looking for alternative ways to either do business with us.

When we create an NFT for a fan consider we are transferring ownership of certain digital products for the very first time!

When have wrestling fans been able to OWN the full rights to a video that have a producer like myself purchase?

How many times must us producers get shut down by big companies?   On blockchain, they don’t even have the keys to our account.

I think crypto is worth a strong look if you made it this far.

Feel free to bookmark this page as I will add more resources and updates in the future as I learn along with all of you about the WILD world of Cryptocurrency.

— Ringo —

PS.  Keep in mind you can checkout with cryptocurrency you purchase on ANY of our videos or memberships on this website.
PSS.  We use a LOT more crypto services than are listed here.  Check THIS ARTICLE and THIS ARTICLE for ways to not only earn crypto but how to utilize the technology and insert it into your daily activities no matter if they are business or personal in nature.  Also, do not forget to check out our NFT section on this website.

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