Grapevine Pin Wrestling! - Astra Rayn vs Monroe Jamison -2019

Astra Rayn vs Monroe Jamison

Grapevine Pin Wrestling!

Astra Rayn has become one of the FWC’s most popular ladies.

You can see Astra gaining confidence in every match she wrestles with us.

There is a lot of trash talking about mouthing off in this video.

FWC veteran and champion Monroe Jamison intends to put this newbie in her place.

The girls force each other to acknowledge when the other woman is pinning them while in the Grapevine Pin.

Not only that, while pinned one has to acknowledge who is superior!

But one of the girls gets to be a bit more superior than the other.

One of these ladies is going to WIN………..and the GRAPEVINE PIN will be the primary weapon of choice!

Scripted Women’s Wrestling!


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  • TITLE:  Call Pinned to Win! – Astra Rayn vs Monroe Jamison
  • GENRE: FWC SCRIPTED – Scripted Competitive Style Wrestling
  • LENGTH:  15 minutes and 24 seconds long
  • RELEASED:   September 25th 2019
  • FILE SIZE:  2.04GB
  • DOWNLOAD METHOD:  Google Drive
  • Filmed in HD
  • Astra is 18 years old.  She stands 5’7″ and weighs 138lbs
  • Monroe is 33 years old. She stands 5’6″ and weighs 140lbs
  • The Grapevine Pin is the primary move used in this match.   Fans of Grapevine Pin Wrestling will enjoy this
  • This match is Scripted and Predetermined
  • Download AND Mobile Link will be sent to your email after you complete your purchase
  • Stream or Download at no charge if you are a CURRENT MEMBER

“Call Pinned To Win!” – Astra Rayn vs Monroe Jamison

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  • Download and Mobile link for Call Pin to Win! – Astra Rayn vs Monroe Jamison
  • Money Back Guarantee if you are not satisfied with this purchase

1 review for "Call Pinned To Win!" - Astra Rayn vs Monroe Jamison

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    Grapevine pinning and humiliation go hand in hand, and this video captures both like you have not seen before. If you like hearing a woman say you are “pinned” this is the ultimate experience. This opens the door for future role play (eg. “Do you give?”) FWC has pulled it off and I look forward to future installments

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