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Cheyenne Jewel vs Micky Sparrow - Real Competitive Female Wrestling - The Female Wrestling Channel

Cheyenne Jewel vs Micky Sparrow
Best of 5 Falls Competitive Match!

We had an opportunity to get two ladies that have only appeared on camera once at the Female Wrestling Channel a piece to get together for this matchup.  

Both ladies have ample BJJ experience and both are very motivated to win on this day. 

Cheyenne Jewel returns to take on Micky Sparrow

Cheyenne has a ton of real and competitive wrestling matches under her belt.   Micky Sparrow has a lot of BJJ experience, but hasn’t wrestled much in our style. 

Micky is however very good technically when it comes to defense.  

If you think Micky was worried about this matchup, here she is on Instagram a day or two before this match took place. 

Micky Sparrow - Confidence

Can Micky shock Cheyenne her first time out or will Cheyenne show MIcky why she is one of the best in this industry?


  • TYPE:  SPONSORED! – Competitive Women’s Wrestling!
  • TITLE:  Cheyenne Jewel vs Micky Sparrow
  • LENGTH:  16 minutes and 21 seconds long
  • RELEASED:  March 4th 2022
  • FILE SIZE:  2.6GB
  • Filmed in 4K
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Cheyenne Jewel vs Micky Sparrow

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1 review for Cheyenne Jewel vs Micky Sparrow

  1. Cheyenne Jewel vs Micky Sparrow 1


    In my opinion doesn’t matter if it’s live episode or custom video, one of the best, most tactical match I’ve seen at Female Wrestling Channel.. Both of these women were fighting out of their element which was BJJ as chokes and jointlocks weren’t allowed in this match… But both Cheyenne Jewel and Micky Sparrow knew what to expect considering they have been at FWC at some point. In the end, one girl was on the attack looking for openings while her opponent was defending properly waiting for her opponent to make a mistake and then capitalize on it… Eventually, there is a winner but who is it: Cheyenne or Micky. Buy the video and find out…

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