Dementia D'Rose vs Luscious Latasha - Ebony Pro Wrestling!

Dementia D’Rose vs Luscious Latasha

Prove You’re The Best!

Dementia D’Rose is not impressed with her opponent Luscious Latasha.

Latasha has beaten all these different women in UWW, but she hasn’t beaten her!

In fact, she feels she’s been ducking her and tells her so.

Latasha does not take kindly to that.

This is a VERY physical match!

Not much technical wrestling to be found here!

They go back and forth in a battle that includes butt splashes in the corner and on the mat, chokes on the ropes, a modified backbreaker, a nasty camel clutch, leg drops to the throat, ddts, a spinebuster, LOTS of punches, kicks and stomps, and at one point VICIOUS face biting!

Can Latasha solidify her spot as one of the top women in UWW, or does Dementia bring her down a peg?



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  • TITLE:  Dementia D’Rose vs Luscious Latasha
  • GENRE:  (SCRIPTED) In Ring Women’s Pro Wrestling
  • UWW VIDEO LENGTH:  10 minutes and 8 seconds long
  • DATE RE-PUBLISHED ON THIS WEBSITE:  February 11th 2020
  • FILE SIZE:  300MB
  • FILMED IN:  4K
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UWW – Dementia D’Rose vs Luscious Latasha


Luscious Latasha vs Dementia D’Rose

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