Kaci Lennox

Kaci Lennox

Height:  5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Weight: 141 lbs (64 kg)
Born:  June 18, 1992 (age 29)
Birth Place: Baltimore, Maryland

Call me Sweet…
Or call me Sassy!
But always call me Miss Kaci Lennox!

Kaci Lennox who goes by the handle on most of her social media platforms as TheKaciLennox is an American female wrestler.

Born in Baltimore Maryland which is the home of the Baltimore Orioles.

Kaci is someone who is certainly “Tough Enough” for female wrestling as she started training at “Team Vision Dojo” in April of 2016.

Her very first day she started with Gabi from Tough Enough and throughout her two years at TVD, she had been trained by numerous people including Wrestlers such as; Santana Garrett, Lince Dorado, Chris Silvio, Bill DeMott, Moose and many others including her head trainers, Rance and Epic. 

Kaci is known for her both sweet and sassy demeanor and has wrestled for; Orlando Pro Wrestling in the OPW Intergender Tag Team Championship with Aaron Epic, IGNITE Wrestling in the IGNITE for the Wrestling Women’s Championship, and REAL Pro Wrestling RPW Women’s Championship.

Are you wondering how Kaci puts her opponents DOWN and OUT for the count?

Her Finishers & signature moves include; the Slingblade Clothesline, Tornado DDT, and the Rocker Dropper. 

Some of the Wrestling Companies you may have seen Kaci Lennox perform at:

  • All Elite Wrestling
  • Major League Wrestling Fusion
  • Daily Wrestling
  • Ragin Pro Wrestling
  • Shine Wrestling
  • Women of Wrestling
  • Women Wrestling Network
  • Platinum Pro Wrestling
  • Title Match Wrestling Network
  • Hurricane Pro Wrestling
  • Ignite Pro Wrestling
  • World Wrestling Entertainment – (WWE)
  • Generation Championship Wrestling
  • All Elite Wrestling
  • Brawl USA
  • Platinum Pro Wrestling
  • Intense Wrestling Entertainment
  • Viral Pro Wrestling
  • United States Championship Wrestling
  • Ultimate Women’s Wrestling – (UWW – On Site)
  • Orlando Pro Wrestling
  • Knockout Room
  • Division Pro Wrestling
  • Brain Buster Pro Wrestling
  • I Believe in Wrestling
  • Riot Pro Wrestling
  • Girl Fight Wrestling
  • and MORE!

Lennox is definitely a badass in the ring although revealing once in an interview with Ryan Boman when she first started in 2016.

“I was so unsure, and I wanted to do everything by the book, and everything had to be called out and like, if one thing got messed up in a match, then I would totally freak out and go all deer in headlights.”

It’s obvious at this point that Kaci has put in the work and has earned the right to be in the ring with the top ladies in the sport.  And physically, she is absolutely built for it.  She has strong glutes, legs, and a good frame to not only overpower her opponents, but look better than them while doing so at the very same time.  

You can show your support for Kaci via purchasing from her online store

You can buy autographs, calendars, T-shirts, and more!


Kaci Lennox is a Sexy and Sultry ALL WOMAN Wrestler!

Buy Videos of Kaci Lennox Wrestling Below!

Kaci Lennox vs Veronica Fairchild - UWW Pro Women's Wrestling!

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