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Introducing Cherry and Chachi 2

Cherry and Chachi Learn To Wrestle For The Very First Time

Baefight Introduces Two New Ladies!

This match comes to you courtesy of Baefight located in sunny Tampa Florida in conjunction with the Female Wrestling Channel and one of our gracious fans and SPONSORS.

Johnny Ringo told them he would sponsor a match for the fans of the FWC if they could get two women together.

Hispanic Chachi has a beautiful smile and seems like the type of woman that would be good at competitive female wrestling once she learns things.

Tattooed Asian woman Cherry is woman who………….well……………is a little strange and quiet.

Baefight performed a VERY QUICK training here.

It was only about 13 minutes long.

They have agreed to train the ladies longer in the future, but they were on a time constraint and had to get these ladies moving.

Do You Want To See Cherry Or Chachi Sponsored By The FWC Again?

  • PRODUCER OF THIS CONTENT:   Sponsored by a Female Wrestling Channel fan (shot and produced by Baefight)
  • TITLE:  Introducing Cherry and Chachi
  • GENRE:  SPONSORED MATCHES – REAL Women’s Wrestling and Training
  • LENGTH:  14 minutes and 14 seconds long
  • DATE RELEASED ON THIS WEBSITE:  December 21st 2018
  • FILE SIZE:  2.2GB
  • Filmed in 1920 X 1080 HD
  • Chachi is 18 years old.  She stands 5’2″ and weighs 115lbs
  • Cherry is 19 years old.  She stands 5’4″ and weighs 110lbs
  • Britney trains them on the moves.   She does a very quick run-down and doesn’t train them very well and misses a lot of things, like the breast smother and she doesn’t teach the schoolgirl pin properly among other things.   We will get Baefight to do a better job on the trainings in the near future, as they are still all VERY new to this
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1 review for Introducing Cherry and Chachi

  1. Avatar of jimboprice95


    Disappointed this was really half assed, none of the moves were dine thoroughly or correctly , they missed most of the moves, please dont water down your content like this or you will start losing customers, I wouldnt recommend buying this one waste of money

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Introducing Cherry and Chachi

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