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The Plot Thickens!

Tensions are rising at the young Female Wrestling Channel.

Johnny Ringo wants to know why he can’t get a hold of Savannah Scissors, London Rain, and Bella Mamacita.

Something is going on and Johnny calls The Hammer to help him figure out what’s going on.

Monroe Jamison reveals exactly what’s happening and gets extremely angry when she sees that Johnny invited her sister Electra Jamison to be a part of the promotion last week against Haley Davidson.

What happens next?


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  • TITLE: Episode 16 – The Plot Thickens
  • GENRE:  THE EPISODES – Just Story – No Wrestling
  • FALLS:  None
  • EPISODE LENGTH:  5 minutes and 47 seconds long
  • RELEASED:  August 25th 2012
  • FILE SIZE:  61MB
  • Filmed in SD
  • This Episode fragment was used to push the fact that Johnny was learning in real life how hard it was to schedule women for this type of work
  • This Episode was also used to re-enforce the feud between Electra and Monroe, which was as hot in real life as it was on our Episodes
  • The download and mobile link is listed ABOVE
  • Watch anywhere on most devices
  • If you are an active member, simply log in right now to download/view on this same page

#16 – “The Plot Thickens” – (NO WRESTLING)



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