FAN SERIES - Featuring The Hammer 1

Hammer Gets His Own Fan Series!

Featuring The Man That Has Been With Us Since Episode 1

Hammer has been helping the Female Wrestling Channel off and on since Day 1.

In fact, we didn’t even have a camera when we filmed Episode 1 and he was present and filmed it for us.

He participated in Episode 2 – More Than They Can Chew – way back in 2012 which was the first time Hammer and Johnny Ringo appeared on camera here at the FWC.

Hammer has also done a large amount of our PHOTOSETS here on the website as he is a professional photographer in real life.

  • Hammer is 38 years old.  He stands 5’10” tall and weighs 205lbs
  • Hammer has appeared in a number of our Episodes, which you can see at the bottom of this page.
  • Not only is Hammer a photographer.  He also is a master at 3D Modeling, Web Development, and Graphic Design Augmentation.  If anyone reading wants to hire Hammer to work for them on any of these items, you can contact him at and you can check out his portfolio website LINKED HERE.
  • Hammer’s real name is Michel.
  • Hammer’s All Time Favorite FWC Ladies:   Lillian Grey, Callisto Strike, Scarlett Squeeze, and Summer Shameless
  • Like Oscar Cyborg, another Legacy Member, Hammer has an incredible pain tolerance.   The primary matches he will be doing with us will be OFFENSE/DEFENSE matches where he is on Defense and the ladies are on Offense.


Note:    Hammer makes 50 percent on his OFFENSE/DEFENSE and Hold Series videos.

FAN SERIES – Featuring The Hammer


Do You Want Your Own Fan Series Like Hammer?

  • He makes 50 percent of the proceeds of any videos sold here. You can too
  • Hammer is a Legacy Member of the FWC. Consider becoming a LIFETIME LEGACY MEMBER at THIS LINK
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