Callisto Strike vs Sooki Smackhouse - Breast Smothers Only - 2017

Callisto Strike vs Sooki Smackhouse 

Breast Smothers Only!

The Breast Smother Submission is one of our more devastating moves.

Remember, that our wrestling style is built for and suited to THE FEMALE.

However, most novice observers do not realize that this is a completely legal move in MMA/BJJ.

Many famous fighters, such as Dan “The Beast” Severn have used the move, along with countless other males around the world. It can be extremely effective move if applied at the right moment and time.

Callisto Strike has no issue using her chest as a weapon in our matchups.

She enjoys putting ladies down with the chest smother submission and can apply the move quickly and effortlessly if you are not paying full attention to her while wrestling.

Sooki Smackhouse has a lot of vigor and strength, and has showed well so far in the couple of videos we have shot prior to this.

What we can tell you………is that this match was a battle!

Breast Smother Wrestling!



  • TITLE:  Callisto Strike vs Sooki Smackhouse – Breast Smothers Only
  • GENRE:  FWC EXTRAS – REAL and COMPETITIVE Female vs Female Wrestling
  • FALLS: Best of 3 falls matchup with 5 minute falls
  • LENGTH: 31 minutes and 48 seconds long
  • RELEASED: June 21st 2017
  • FILE SIZE: 1.1GB
  • Filmed in HDR
  • Sooki’s only full match to this point has been against Jasmine Rowdy.   Sooki showed that she got the wrestling down very quickly when she shocked Callisto and Buffy in her debut video in a real wrestling fall after the training
  • Callisto has been wrestling a lot more lately and had a Chest Submissions only match against Monroe Jamison, both ladies first ever, and is looking to improve after that matchup
  • Callisto is 23 years old.  She stands at 5’6″ and weighs 125lbs
  • Sooki is 28 years old. She stands 5’7″ and weighs 130lbs
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Callisto Strike vs Sooki Smackhouse – Breast Smother Only

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1 review for Callisto Strike vs Sooki Smackhouse - Breast Smother Only

  1. Avatar of Ernst


    I will be the first one to tell you that I am not a huge fan of the breast smother submission. In fact I only recently viewed this match which has been on the site for over a year now.

    With that said, this match was a real treat, as both ladies looked amazing and both spent every once of energy in an effort to emerge victorious. If you like evenly matched ladies who give their all, you won’t want to miss this matchup!


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