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Callisto Strike vs Monroe Jamison - Women Wrestling - 2018

Will This Be Callisto’s Day?

Callisto Attempts To STRIKE Against Monroe and Looks To Cash In On Monroe’s Recent Loss!

Callisto Strike has wrestled in 24 female vs female matches up to this point and even more mixed matches than that.

One thing that Callisto would like VERY MUCH is to finally defeat Monroe Jamison.

Not just in a match, but even if she could win a single fall it would boost her confidence BIG TIME.

The ladies know that a new version of our Episodes will be launching soon and that’s where the Title Belt can change hands.

Monroe might sweat about some of her opponents, but she doesn’t sweat when it comes to Callisto.

She knows that Callisto can be a very hard woman to pin, but she has submitted quite often to Monroe’s strong body scissors in the past.

Monroe has faced her enough at this point that she is confident in her ability to take her down and doesn’t believe that Callisto can submit or pin her.

As for Callisto, she knows Monroe is coming off one of her toughest losses in her career and is hoping that Monroe has finally lost a step or two………………. whether it be skill or confidence!!


Real and Competitive



  • TITLE:  Callisto Strike vs Monroe Jamison
  • GENRE:  SPONSORED MATCH – REAL and COMPETITIVE Female vs Female Wrestling
  • FALLS: Best of 5 falls matchup
  • LENGTH: 18 minutes and 8 seconds long
  • RELEASED: March 12th 2018
  • FILE SIZE:  2.3GB
  • Filmed in HDR
  • Callisto Strike has never scored a competitive fall against Monroe Jamison with any of our moves up to this point
  • Callisto is 23 years old.   She stands at 5’6″ and weighs 125lbs
  • Monroe is 32 years old.  She stands at 5’6″ and weighs 125lbs
  • The last time Monroe and Callisto faced off competitively was on Episode 79
  • Monroe is coming off one of her toughest losses since she started here in 2012.  Will she be at full speed for this
  • Monroe’s favorite “go to” moves are the body scissors, head scissors, and the breast smother submission/pin
  • Callisto’s favorite “go to” moves are the head scissor submission and the breast smother submission/pin
  • You will see very hard body scissors in this matchup, the breast smother, and the Schoolgirl Pin
  • Callisto has become one of the biggest trash talkers here.   Monroe engages in quite a bit of trash talk herself.  Will these two be going at it verbally as well as physically
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Callisto Strike vs Monroe Jamison

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2 reviews for Callisto Strike vs Monroe Jamison

  1. Avatar of Rick Martinus

    Rick Martinus

    Can’t see miss with these two wonderful wrestlers and ladies,Good joy when seeing them in action:)!

  2. Callisto Strike vs Monroe Jamison 6


    As most members can see that this match was an all moves wrestling match in leggings between Callisto and Monroe!!!! Both ladies have faceoff against each other 2 times before… who wins this match? Watch the video to found out.

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