#12 - "Haley Trains!" - Haley Davidson vs The Phoenix - Women's Wrestling Training


With A Guy Named The Phoenix!

Haley Davidson has started her female vs female competitive journey at the Female Wrestling Channel by going 0-2.

Johnny Ringo sees good potential in Haley……..but the main thing is finding a way to get her to unleash her inner aggression.

Ringo has employed the services of a mysterious gentleman known only as “The Phoenix”.

While his credentials and background are not yet known.

it seems Ringo brought him into the fray to train Haley Davidson.

With Johnny Ringo and Monroe Jamison away from their home…………The Phoenix sets up an impromptu meeting with Haley to help increase her wrestling skills.


Haley feels that her first two matches were simply “practice” as she hasn’t unleashed her inner woman just yet.

The Phoenix is going to slowly try to bring out the warrior in Haley.

Is she even cut out for REAL wrestling or is this all simply a waste of time?

Wrestling Training!




  • TITLE: Episode 12 – Haley Trains!
  • GENRE:  THE EPISODES – Just Story – No Wrestling!
  • FALLS:  None
  • EPISODE LENGTH:  10 minutes and 8 seconds long
  • RELEASED:   July 3rd 2012
  • FILE SIZE:  187MB
  • Filmed in SD
  • We were having a lull at the time getting new ladies going so we filmed Episode 11 and Episode 12 as filler until we got more ladies going.
  • The Phoenix is a friend of Monroe Jamison’s from real life in high school.   We asked him if he wanted to be on video, and he said, “cool”.
  • This Episode has been named “Enter The Phoenix” for the longest time, but was re-named to “Haley Trains!” in 2019.
  • It’s “possible” that this Episode could be re-shot in the future and the clips here could be added to that Episode.   This full video would then become an FWC Extra.   The new Episode would be some type of story insertion with a real wrestling match that we pretend happened in 2012, when this video was shot.
  • The download and mobile link is listed ABOVE.
  • Watch anywhere on most devices.

#12 – “Haley Trains!” – Haley Davidson vs The Phoenix


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