DATE THIS WILL BE COMPLETED IF FUNDED: July 23rd 2022 The Return of Scarlett Squeeze! - Amount Currently Funded: $2462.50 2

The Return of Scarlett Squeeze

One of our most Popular Ladies is Willing to Return if YOU Make it Happen!

It has been over 5 years since we have last seen Scarlett Squeeze on the mats for the Female Wrestling Channel.

She is willing to come back ONE MORE TIME from California to Indiana if YOU want to see her return bad enough.

We can have her take on Summer Shameless, maybe even Sassy Kae, and maybe even some new ladies that will be debuting soon.


  • We are allowing 5 Lifetime Legacy Members to come and see Scarlett live and in person for a fee of $1000 for 4 hours plus 1 hour of dinner when we finish.  This is your ONCE IN A LIFETIME chance to meet Scarlett in person and see her wrestle in person.
  • If you are an ACTIVE MEMBER you get 2 minutes of a custom or thank you video for every $100 you put into this match.  A 10 minute custom would be worth $500 for example.  Be certain to CONTACT US before placing your order so we can approve your custom, your video questions for Scarlett, or your thank you video.
  • The first 40 people to put in $100 will get an autograph or NFT of Scarlett Squeeze, if you wish.  This most likely will be your last chance to get something signed from this woman and very few are in circulation in this world!

Increase the quantity on your order if you are investing in more than $100!

The Return of Scarlett Squeeze! – Amount Currently Funded: $2462.50


Scarlett wants to know who her REAL fans are!

Invest into this RIGHT NOW if you are one of them.


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