“The Wild Child” – Carmella Ringo

The Wild Child! - Female Wrestling Images featuring Carmella Ringo!

Can She Be Contained?

Carmella Ringo is one that decided very early in life she would never be tamed.

Not even her brother Johnny Ringo can get through to her.

Carmella does what she wants when she wants to do it.

On Episode 41 and Episode 42 Carmella made her presence felt, but ended up with a loss, and a draw, and suddenly walked away from her brother’s company without explanation.

Now, Carmella says she is going to return in late 2014.

She gave us permission to post this photoset.

But, will she stick around this time?

Will she return at all?

Fans from all over were quite intrigued by this beautiful young woman and the amazing energy she brings on the wrestling mats.

This will be a story to watch!

  • TITLE:  The Wild Child! – featuring Carmella Ringo
  • GENRE:  Photosets
  • # of Pictures: 207
  • RELEASED:  November 13th 2013
  • Photos by Hammer
  • Carmella is 22 years old.  She stands at 5’3″ and weighs 118lbs.
  • This photoset also includes some pre-match photos with Bella Mamacita from prior to Episode 42.
  • Johnny and Carmella are not brother and sister in real life.  Just for storyline purposes.  However, because Carmella loves to backtalk Johnny, and because he often does the same to her, he thought she would make for a natural sister in our storyline.
  • Carmella is one of the toughest ladies we have ever had on the mats to put down.  Her matches can sometimes tend to be long.  If she learns the moves and gets her strength up, she could be unstoppable!
  • Carmella was a gymnast when she was young.  She has a very strong lower body and is still learning how to use it on the wrestling mats.
  • Carmella and Phoenix Flint had a very wild real life feud that lasted for many years, but we could never get them on the mats together despite numerous efforts, and despite coming very CLOSE, a number of times!
  • Carmella and Bella Mamacita became friends in real life after their long battle on Episode 42, but they had some real life feuds after that, then made up a number of times.  Where they stand today with each other is unknown!
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