The Female Wrestling Channel (FWC) produces real female competitive wrestling matches and (some) predetermined scripted outcome matches as well.  We are based in Indiana and sometimes travel around the United States.

  • The Episodes are storyline based and the wrestling outcomes are real unless marked otherwise.
  • FWC Extras are simply what the name implies.  “Extras”.  These are videos where the ladies are often not in character and there often is not a story.  These matches are almost always fully real and competitive.
  • We sometimes produce the occasional scripted match and you can purchase FWC Scripted matches ONLY if you are a MEMBER.
  • The FWC also offers mixed wrestling, meet and greets, and hold sessions to qualified individuals.
  • We offer Photosets of the ladies as well!
  • Contact us if you want to do business with us and get more content flowing on this page!

All of the content ever produced BY the Female Wrestling Channel!!

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    Bodyscissors - Scissor Show - Featuring Johnny Ringo, Monroe Jamison, Sassy Kae and Summer Shameless - Real Competitive Women's Wrestling - The Female Wrestling Channel - January 2022
    The Scissor Show!
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