Headscissors - Introducing Sasha Subdue - Women's Wrestling Training - 2020


The Headscissors is the act of a woman using the strength in her thighs to squeeze an opponent’s head/neck often in resulting in him or her having to TAP or being KNOCKED out.

The headscissors is very painful and often results in a submission once applied.

It’s truly one of the most dangerous and effective moves you will see at the Female Wrestling Channel!

A good headscissor submission can put down even the TOUGHEST of females and males alike.

If you want to see videos that teach the different ways to apply the headscissors, be sure to watch our “Introducing” Videos listed below where we teach new ladies that come on board to the Female Wrestling Channel how to use the headscissors right out of the gate.

All Videos and Photos below include the Headscissors!

#78 - Buffy Ellington vs Callisto Strike - (REAL) - 2017 - Headscissors

Ladies that like to use the Headscissors in our REAL and COMPETITIVE Wrestling Matches!

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The bodyscissors, headscissors, breast smother, and schoolgirl pin are the primary female centric moves our ladies use on men and women for real.

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