Monroe Jamison

Monroe Jamison - Female Wrestling Channel Champion!

Height: 5 foot 7
Weight: 125 pounds
DOB: 1985
Current Location:  Lafayette Indiana

Monroe Jamison has been the heart and soul of the Female Wrestling Channel since Day 1.

In the story, she was scripted out to be a good girl.

But, when ladies started leaving the company for various reasons, we turned her into a “bad girl” to attempt to explain why the ladies were leaving.

The wonderful thing about Monroe is that she can play a good girl or a bad girl with ease.

Monroe has an insane amount of NATURAL wrestling ability.

And, she is a great saleswoman in the real world. 

She is a huge credit to the company and the company would not be standing here without her.

While the other women of the FWC appreciate Monroe for who she is and what she has done that does not matter!

They Want To Be The Champion!!

Any of the other ladies are free to try to take her top position as fan favorite and as the best competitive wrestler at the FWC right now.

Can she be knocked off her high horse?

Or, will she give the title up for a new tournament and a NEW champion to be crowned?

Monroe Jamison 7