Scripted Scissors Holds Challenge - Mia Ventura vs Monroe Jamison


The Bodyscissors is the art of a woman using the strength in her thighs to squeeze an opponent’s midsection or waist by clutching her legs together at the ankles.

She then squeezes with force until her opponent TAPS to this powerful submission maneuver!

The body scissors wrestling move is one of the primary submission holds you will see used in our REAL and COMPETITIVE Women’s Wrestling videos.

Probably the most primary!

The bodyscissors is without a doubt the “go to” move for most ladies in our REAL and COMPETITIVE female vs female and female vs male wrestling matches.

The biggest reason is that (when learned correctly) the bodyscissors when applied can make an opponent tap instantly.  We probably have more videos and photos with bodyscissors in them than any other move on this website.

If you are looking for a LOT of bodyscissors content, just scroll below.

it’s going to take you a while!

Eden Sins vs Jessica Danger - Competitive Women's Wrestling - 2018

All of the Videos and Photos below contain the Bodyscissors!